Drive safe out there; tribe faces a big decision

 Wednesday March 13, 2019

The big news this week is a continuation of last week’s news: the looming shutdown of Navajo Generating Station. Earlier in the week, Salt River Project issued a statement stating that as far as they are concerned, the deal is over if the tribe does not meet its demand.

At the tribal capitol in Window Rock, members of the Navajo Nation Council are frantically holding meetings with the public and amongst themselves to decide how they will address the issue. 

At issue is the loss of almost 1/3 of the tribe’s yearly revenue, plus several hundred jobs that employ tribal members.

Meanwhile, tribal members continue to deal with the massive snow and rainfalls this week. As your travel the reservation roads you will often see vehicles parked on the side of the road, some caked in mud. Residents who cannot drive back to their homes, leave their vehicles at the road side and trek it home. Then they might return late in the evening when the mud freezes and drive their vehicle home.

During this weather, we urge you to be cautious on the roads. Check out our site and look at Facebook pages that we recommend which are pretty good with updates.

 Thank you and enjoy the site.

Photo of a truck trying to drive through the mud this week. Many tribal members have to park their vehicles at paved highways and walk home.