Navajo President Jonathan Nez


WINDOW ROCK –  In a live video update on June 16th, Navajo President Jonathan Nez announced that the tribe will reinstate the 57-hour weekend curfew for the next two weekends and urged visitors to stay away.

“Don’t go through Navajo. Don’t come through the Nation,” said Navajo President Nez. “We want to protect everyone including the visitors. So, visitors the best place to be is at home. Now is not the time to be traveling all over the southwest.”

In reinstating the curfew, Nez mentioned the increasing coronavirus cases around the Navajo Nation. “All around we are seeing, high numbers going up,” he said. In Phoenix, the state reported the highest number of cases in the country.

Despite the closure of tribal and national parks on Navajo, tourists have been spotted in various locations.

Except for essential employees like health care workers and police, tribal employees and casino workers have not returned to work for the past three months. Nez stated in a recent announcement that employees might be returning to work on July 7th.