Navajo President Jonathan Nez today announced that the 57-hour weekend curfews will be lifted. “It will no longer be in place unless there is an increase of COVID-19 cases,” he said in an announcement today. The weekend lock down prevented visitors and even tribal members from traveling on the reservation during the weekend. Many gas stations tried to remain open, but the lack of travel forced them to close on weekends.

However, the nightly 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfews will remain in place he said. He also signed an order that keeps the Navajo Nation government closed until July 5. Many had speculated he would reopen the government around June 15th. As of this posting, it was not known if the tribe’s gaming casinos were going to reopen on June 7th as they previously announced. Most likely, they will extend closure until July 5th as well.

How does this news impact visitors? The request by the tribe for tourists to stay away is still in place. But a person can now travel through the reservation on weekends but they must be off the road at 8 pm each night. However, there isn’t much to see yet. The National Parks

Navajo President Jonathan Nez

are still closed, and many tourist destination sites like Antelope

Canyon are closed. But in locations that are not physically manned, like Wheatfields Lake and a few other sites, they are closed. But, tribal members have been camping and fishing at these sites.