We’ve been in the national and international spotlight since late March 2020 because of  Covid-19. How does it feel? Well, I live and work on the reservation. It’s been difficult — to say the latest. This coming weekend will be our eighth consecutive 57-hour lockdown. This means we can’t leave our homes and get on the road except in the case of emergencies. All the stores are closed. So, if we need food and supplies, then you must get them ahead of time – like during the weekday. And usually, this means you have to drive an hour or so to get to a grocery store then stand in line there to get in.The lockdowns have been imposed by our elected tribal president Jonathan Nez.

CNN anchor reports on Navajo

When this all started back in mid-March, it was sad to see Navajo elders standing in line with others wearing face masks. People were scared and in a frenzy as well. Meanwhile, the positive case numbers kept going up. Many of us are still adjusting to the distancing and protection measures, and hope it will go away. One thing you will find is that when you get off the reservation and travel into Flagstaff, Ariz. or Farmington, NM, you will notice that the Navajos are one’s wearing face masks. Be safe out there.