Liquor Ban and Stores 

By Bill Donovan and George Joe

Liquor is prohibited on the reservation and there are no bars or package liquor stores on the reservation except for the marina at Antelope Point and at the Navajo casinos. However, if you want to take a chance, there are several liquor stores, just outside the boundaries of the reservation. If you are entering Window Rock from Gallup, there is a bar/liquor store at milepost 10 on Highway 264. If you are coming from Farmington, NM and headed into Shiprock, NM, there are several options. Then there are options if you are leaving the town of Page and coming down into the reservation. Then there are the bordertowns, as well, but the city of Gallup does not sell on Sundays. Every now and then a Navajo legislator will throw around the idea of lifting the prohibition.

Tourists who stay at motels on the reservation have been known to discreetly bring their beverages of choice with them and drink it in their rooms. Every now and then the tribe, especially during big events, have checkpoints and stop vehicles to search for beer or whiskey. If you are stopped for a traffic violation and the officer sees beer or whiskey in your front or back seat, it will be confiscated so you would be wise to keep it in the trunk of your car and take it into your motel room in a bag or satchel

Photo of a bar and liquor package store located just outside the Navajo Reservation line on the way to Gallup, NM.