NAPI and Raytheon Sites

By George Joe

Navajo Agriculture Products Industry: Located just four miles south of Farmington, New Mexico is the tribe’s agriculture farm. Visitors can stop by and visit the farm. The farm has 305 employees; 16th highest in Farmington area. There is a small exhibit display that shows what is grown at the farm: potatoes, corn, alfalfa, beans, pumpkins, and others. They have a public information office, and you might be able to have a tour of the facility which includes the main office, potato sorting and processing, beans sorting and processing, and out near the field where machines collect the products and bring them in. There are also huge storage centers for each of their products. And if you get there in late October, you will see acres of pumpkins. The facility leases land to a private business that grows pumpkins. Also on the farm is another business that leases farm land from NAPI that produces potatoes used for Kettle chips. Yes, right here on Reservation land the potatoes used for kettle chips are produced. Open Monday – Friday.  NAPI has a Facebook page and many upcoming events are posted.

Raytheon Missile Manufacturing is located across from NAPI farm headquarters and has 300 employees. Parts are produced here used in missile production at the main plant in Tucson. This facility is also located on Reservation land, but the land is leased from the tribe. If you visit their offices, they have a lot of Navajos employed there as engineers and in other technical positions. Raytheon has been on tribal lands for over 30 years. Open Monday – Friday.