Public Safety

By Bill Donovan and George Joe

If you are worried about your safety while traveling on the Navajo Reservation, don’t be. While there are between 12 and 18 murders on the reservation per year, almost all are alcohol related and are the results of disagreements. In fact, nearly all of the murders have been either family or marital disputes.

Please keep in mind that 131 Navajo police officers patrol 27,000 square miles. This amounts to 1.9% police officers for every 1,000 people. By comparison, West Virginia State Police has 655 state troopers for an area that is about 24,000 square miles plus local police officers in every town.

But do keep your car doors locked even if you simply go into a convenience store because car thefts are on the rise.

Also, be careful with hitchhikers or anyone flagging you down late at night on the roadside. There have been stories of roadside robberies by young people.

Navajo Nation Police – 928-871-7811-

Other non-tribal officers you will see patrolling state roads on the Reservation: Arizona State Police, Apache County Police, San Juan County Police, Coconino County Police,  Navajo County Police.