Restaurants on Navajo

By Valarie Tom

The choices are very limited if you visit a restaurant on Navajoland for traditional Navajo foods. Restaurants in Window Rock, Shiprock, Chinle, Tuba City, and Kayenta serve Navajo tacos, mutton stew, beef stew, and grilled mutton sandwiches with fry bread or tortillas.

The Quality Inn in Window Rock serves Navajo tacos daily and have a mutton buffet on Thursdays. Other foods items they serve include intestines, side dishes and fry bread and tortillas.

Shiprock has one restaurant—Rocket Café—that serves mutton stew, grilled mutton, and beef stew with a side of fry bread or tortillas. Navajo tacos can also be ordered here as well.

In Chinle, the Thunderbird Lodge, Junction Café, and Holiday Inn all serve Navajo tacos. The Thunderbird Lodge offers beef stew with tortillas or fry bread, and Junction Café serves beef stew, mutton sandwiches, and Navajo burgers daily.

Tuba City serves Navajo tacos, mutton stew, chili beans, and Navajo burgers at the Hogan Family Restaurant.

Kayenta has three restaurants that make mutton stew, Navajo tacos, and chili beans served with fry bread or tortillas. The Blue Coffee Pot serves Navajo blue corn mush, in addition to the foods mentioned. The Amigo Café serves Mexican food as well as some Navajo food and Bashas’ Grocery Store serves mutton items from their deli department for those eating on the go.