Santa Fe Indian Market

By George Joe and Valarie Tom

The Santa Fe Indian Market is the place to go every year during the third weekend in August. There are over 1,000 artist booths every year and competition to be invited to show is highly sought after by Native American artisans across the globe. Among hundreds of thousands of attendees, you will see some celebrities buying art from some of the top artists, and walking around the crowd, just as they did when ‘market’ began in 1922.

Attendees will see Native American fashion in full display and award-winning art by hundreds of Native Americans artisans.  There are public traditional and contemporary dances, traditional food from various tribes, fashion shows, Native dance contests, performances by Native American musicians, and—the main event—selecting the best of the best in art.

Both the Santa Fe New Mexican, the local paper, and the state-wide paper, the Albuquerque Journal publishes special issues devoted to the market. The publication contains profiles of artists and some interesting behind the scenes stories, including an event schedule that lists all the happenings in town.

As far as restaurants go, you can’t go wrong with any of the local restaurants. There are some restaurants which have a mix of local Native-Pueblo-Spanish dishes. Don’t forget to eat some of the foods from the Pueblo tribes, such as their red chile stew, green chile stew, pueblo bread, pueblo cookies, and fry bread.

The night-life during market is exciting and alive with Native American musicians and bands, blending jazz, country western, contemporary, and rock, with a distinct style that music lovers of adult ages can enjoy. Musicians and actors Gary Farmer, Wes Studi, and Rodney Grant are regular attendees who enjoy market as well. Contact: