WINDOW ROCK – Navajo President Jonathan

Navajo President Jonathan Nez on June 30th

Nez has extended the closure of the Navajo government until July 26 and also added another three more weekends of lockdowns for tribal members.

He said his decision is based on input from tribal leaders, the vice president, and health care experts. He said it will be evaluated a week before July 26.

President Nez issued the order during today’s June 30th online townhall meeting.

The government closure means all parks and recreation activities across Navajo remain closed.

He also urged tribal members not to travel off the reservation; especially to hot spots. He also asked tribal members who reside in hot spots to stay away, “please don’t come home at this time.”

“Please don’t travel. Only essential workers should be on the road,”

“Visitors. There is traffic on the road, yes,” Nez said. “But get your food. Get your fuel. And just pass on through our nation please. Do not stop because there are businesses that are closed. Abide by our laws and policies. We are a big nation. Other tribes can lock down their roads in a heartbeat, but ours is 25,000 square miles.”